Fudge about it

At one point this February, I was to meet people of potential importance in my life. Obviously, I wanted them to like me and rather than charm and polite my way through tests and hurdles (which were in my own head), I decided to do what any socially awkward, culinary-inclined internet-dweller might do: bribe them with food.

I had been told in good confidence that they had a sweet tooth, so something on the confectionary side of things was in order. The more sugar, the better. I also wanted to send a parcel to a friend, so it would help if I could make more of it in one go (look at me, managing time like an adult). The answer? Fudge.  Continue reading


The Holy Grail of Baking?

I made croissants! It was months ago, and I can’t remember much (so much waiting…). One thing I do remember, however, is finding out that my mother does not have a rolling pin, which is why the vodka bottle is quite prominent in the photos. They were delicious, though small; flooding the taste buds with buttery goodness.

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Spinach Puff Roll

Right, I think by this point I’ve got shortcrust pastry down. Butter; flour; fork until crumb-like; drip water; minimum mix; got it. It might also come out better in winter because that’s when my hands go ice-cold and apparently that helps. Shortcrust is fine.

Moving on, it was decided that I should try puff pastry next.

[insert gay pun joke here] (See what I did there?)

This is the point where I admit bad judgement. See, my ego had been, by this point, inflated by the success of tarts and meat pouches. I was the God of pastry, able to knead, mold and fill the floury paste with my bidding. All I touched would be golden and deliciously crumbly!

Alas, this journey into the land of the “thousand leafed” pastry would end with me sitting down and having a slice of humble pie (pun intended; you should expect this by now). Turns out puff pastry is difficult to get right; difficult enough to be impervious to beginners’ luck. Nevertheless, I plan on someday mastering it. Especially if I intend on making these* one day. Continue reading