I shall name it Fred!

So here’s another cycle of “long time, no see” and “I plan on being more regular from now on”… futile in the fact that I’m as reliable as Natalie Tran (though just as hilarious). So here’s my no-promise promise. I promise not to make promises on consistency and continuity. I’ll post stuff when I post stuff.

Now for the baking news: I have done things. Not much, but some. There are pictures that relate to stories from at least November, so hopefully I’ll get myself to write about it. What I did want to write about is my new sourdough starter.

For once, I did some research on the subject… which reminded me why I don’t usually bother with that much research. When it comes to sourdoughs, people will do things very differently. Cover your culture; don’t cover it; you must use this type of flour… t’was confusing. There’s a lot of content out there. There’s even a sourdough online community. In the end, I went for the simple culture used by the fabulous baker brothers.

In a nutshell, you start off with equal weights of flour and water. Put them together in a large container  and messily mix them. Leave it in a warm place. Come back the next day, add more flour and water, mix it, and leave it ’till the next day. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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The Holy Grail of Baking?

I made croissants! It was months ago, and I can’t remember much (so much waiting…). One thing I do remember, however, is finding out that my mother does not have a rolling pin, which is why the vodka bottle is quite prominent in the photos. They were delicious, though small; flooding the taste buds with buttery goodness.

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Spinach Puff Roll

Right, I think by this point I’ve got shortcrust pastry down. Butter; flour; fork until crumb-like; drip water; minimum mix; got it. It might also come out better in winter because that’s when my hands go ice-cold and apparently that helps. Shortcrust is fine.

Moving on, it was decided that I should try puff pastry next.

[insert gay pun joke here] (See what I did there?)

This is the point where I admit bad judgement. See, my ego had been, by this point, inflated by the success of tarts and meat pouches. I was the God of pastry, able to knead, mold and fill the floury paste with my bidding. All I touched would be golden and deliciously crumbly!

Alas, this journey into the land of the “thousand leafed” pastry would end with me sitting down and having a slice of humble pie (pun intended; you should expect this by now). Turns out puff pastry is difficult to get right; difficult enough to be impervious to beginners’ luck. Nevertheless, I plan on someday mastering it. Especially if I intend on making these* one day. Continue reading


Considering the title, I guess I should put in some sort of pun connecting pie with π. Alas, I’m not a mathematician, so no pun here. Sorry.

About a week ago I decided to try something new. I was told said something would be a daunting task, which takes so much practice most foodies give up.

Pastry! [cue dramatic music]

I had never done pastry before and kept hearing horrible tales of how it could all go wrong. To add to the pressure, I had someone over for dinner. The takeout menu was ready like a team of paramedics at a screamo concert.

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“It’s not a Fox!” and baking experience

This past weekend, I visited a couple of friends in London. Mostly because I had not seen them in a gosh long time, but also because I had sh!t of theirs that simply had to leave  my house (it was clashing with my drapes!)

As it goes, one of them was to be tattooed. At home. How amazing is that? Home call tattoo artists!

While the process was under way, I was politely asked (read practically barked at) to bake some green tea cookies. My reaction: search up a basic butter cookie recipe and add green tea powder to it.

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