Just developed my first film by myself. The fumbling around in the dark wasn’t too bad, bu the end results… can anyone say complete and utter $&!7 ?
I’m going to return to the darkroom to attempt printing a frame or two, not to mention try out some solarization on some already-developed films.

Wish me luck!


This might become mostly a photo blog…

I’ve been feeling the shutterbug a lot (LOT) recently. Not only that but I have access to a darkroom (BW only) so what out for some stupid print/film development play.

On another note: tomorrow I’m meeting old schoolmates of mine, most of whom I haven’t talked to since 2004. It will be awkward. Hopefully everyone will have changed just enough for good conversation (otherwise Mr. Sangria will have to help) but not enough to have their “selves” that I can connect with fade into my boggy memory. At least 29 people are attending… freaky.