Holy Macaroni!

It’s been how long?! Dude…

Yes, it is true. This thing I call a blog has been neglected for months. All Summer and then some, really. A lot of stuff happened in that time. Warm weather actually graced this country, exams, Summer back home (with an internship!), the beginning of the end of University, turning one year older and 4 (FOUR) hairstyles. I’m in number five and heavily considering number 6. Most importantly, there has been new food! Not a massive amount of it, because I’m not comfortable enough in the kitchen back home to just up and bake (it’s my gran’s  territory and I respect that as best I can), but there has been some.

Bread, muffins, oven grilled pork, crab, ragù… it has been done! Alas, there’s no photographic evidence. Instead, I will leave you with a picture of the cleaned crab shell. Continue reading