Considering the title, I guess I should put in some sort of pun connecting pie with π. Alas, I’m not a mathematician, so no pun here. Sorry.

About a week ago I decided to try something new. I was told said something would be a daunting task, which takes so much practice most foodies give up.

Pastry! [cue dramatic music]

I had never done pastry before and kept hearing horrible tales of how it could all go wrong. To add to the pressure, I had someone over for dinner. The takeout menu was ready like a team of paramedics at a screamo concert.

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DCA: It finally worked! (and a thing my parents would frown upon)

I should apologise to my blog for not writing enough about food. I actually have been cooking stuff and photographing it, all the while thinking in my inner “blog voice”. I made gnocchi from potatoes for goodness sake! Alas, sloth had its tendrils wrapped firmly upon me.

Speaking of sloth and writing, exam season is here. Many people cope with the stress differently. I eat… and bake; then I eat what I bake. Afterwards comes the guilt of eating with very little exercise and the frustration of schoolwork being boring, which somehow ends with me eating and baking more.

I don’t quite understand it myself.

Nevertheless, stress gets me baking. In my group of friends, I’m Izzie Stevens with a mohawk (Grey’s Anatomy makes for good, non-culinary breaks).

As you would’ve known had I been actually writing here, I’ve attempted to make bread a few times in the past. In the past, these loaves haven’t come out right. They’ve been edible (one was over-salted) but not right. They were too dense; they would turn to rock after a week; they wouldn’t rise properly! I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Then, it hit me: temperature!

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Sometimes I actually wonder what’s up with this world’s obsession with alcohol. Do we really need to be numbed to everything but lust and  inebriation to be able to have a good time? It all just leads me to one question.

What on earth are we doing to ourselves?

Open thread, blah blah blah…

Davbi’s Culinary Adventures: Mugcake

Ever heard of a mugcake? Me neither, until a couple of days ago. My friend mentioned it in a conversation (he actually called it something else; I just can’t remember its name) and I just felt like I should try making one!

“But what are mugcakes?” I hear you ask.

Mugcakes are basically the epitome of student cooking! Low on ingredients, low on actual kitchenware, low chances of failure!

You get all the basic cake ingredients (flour, sugar, butter, etc…), mix them in minute quantities in a mug and microwave said mug to “bake” the cake! It’s great if you hate cleaning up, as you only need 2 teaspoons and a mug for the basic one, which is like a sponge cake. Since it’s that simple, you can easily change the recipe to include any desired ingredient (e.g. chocolate chips) and with the absence of an oven, you can always try using this to entertain your kids!

I tried to make my first one tonight (at 11 PM) with no prior research and didn’t ruin it (some parts were slightly burnt). However, I also have had some experience baking at home, so I wasn’t exactly sailing through uncharted waters.

I’d write down the recipe, but it still needs perfecting.

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Sharpies make me feel cool (that is not a good thing)

Sharpie pens, for some reason, hold a special place in my mind, heart and soul that is linked with coolness, art, design and simple (yet effective) expression. I love sharpies! Their black lines are just so flawless! You can draw on pretty much ANYthing with them and have oh! so much fun in the process.

I got one today and my first little project was EGGS. Yes, eggs. I can imagine your disappointed-astonished faces right now and I don’t care!

Yes, I have named them "Dav's Happy Eggs of Awesomeness"

Click below to see the eggs, themselves.

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