Mindwander: On chairs.

I’m a notebooker. I have no clue if that’s even a usable noun, but I’ll take it. English is an evolving language, in any case.

In any case, these notebooks contain a myriad of things from sketches of photo ideas, to recipes, to musings. I’ve been trying to include more philosophical content. In a way, I’ve done it. This is the latest instalment: it looks ridiculous but I am incredibly proud of having written it.

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Happy International Dia da Mulher!

So let’s close the salary gap! I’ve just found this video with working grannies (term used loosely) and, despite the extra skin exposure, these chicks look cool.

But the message is simple. Women have to work longer to earn the same amount as men: according to the video’s producers (the site has a sort of manifesto), an extra 3 months of work per year is needed to tip the scales. I know three months to a year seems relatively little, but this adds up! For a man’s 4-year wages, a woman needs to work 5 and that just doesn’t seem fair.

Who else thinks it’s totally cool that Benny Benassi “gave his blessing”?

Feliz Dia Internacional da Mulher! Agora vamos acabar com a diferença salarial! Acabo de encontrar este vídeo de avós trabalhadoras e, apesar da escolha de roupa, elas parecem fixes.

A mensagem é simples. As mulheres têm de trabalhar durante mais tempo para ganhar tanto quanto um homem: de acordo com a companhia que produzio o vídeo (o site tem um manifesto) elas têm de trabalhar três meses extra cada ano por ano “masculino”. Sei que isto parece relativamente pouco, mas isto acumula! Para obter o que um homem ganha em 4 anos, é preciso elas trabalharem 5. Querem passar para as décadas? Apenas não parece justo.

Já gora, quem mais acha porreiríssimo que o Benny Benassi tenha pessoalmente dado a sua autorização do uso da música e do vídeo?

[Peço desculpas já por qualquer erro ortográfico que por aqui se encontre; já faz tempo desde a última vez que escrevi em português. Isso e nem faço ideia de como o acordo ortográfico mudaria isto…]

C’est chic

I’m not going to lie: I like fashion.

I don’t LOVE it; I find no all-consuming passion nor vocation within the industry and/or the microcosm it seems to have created. I check out a magazine once in a while, I watch a few shows and I avidly follow The Sartorialist (aka the most amazing fashion blog in existence!)

Now that the fashion week circuit has begun, I’m tempted to keep my eyes extra open for stuff. I’ve just seen shots from 3 shows and I quite like what seems to be in store for Autumn and Winter this year.

Muted tones with the occasional punch of colour is coming back. Totally up my street!

If nothing else, this could just be an incentive to work an make money just so I can afford this.

Pictures link back to source site.

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Mindwander: Birthdays = Photo ops?

Recently I went to a birthday celebration. It was simple: a bunch of people getting together, having a few drinks in celebration of one more year of someone’s life.

A: “Happy Birthday!”
B: “Thank you! Letstakeapicturetogether.”
A: “Say wha…?” *FLASH*

At one point I noticed that what was taking the most time was the creation of snapshots of the birthday-ee and the various guest. And then of various groups of guests. In different mixes.

I’m not saying I didn’t have fun; I did. I’m not saying I’m against picture taking; I partook in a few of said snapshots.

I’m simply wondering why so much time is spent taking pictures to demonstrate how much fun is being had instead of the fun-having itself. Dance, talk to a stranger, look around the room and judge/gossip about every other person in the bar with your friend, get p*ss drunk; don’t just pose it, please!

It's like my friends suddenly became cannibalistic papparazzi!

Most of them look the same. They’re us and friends smiling towards the camera with a dark background (clubs dig the dark thing). The only things that change are the clothes and occasionally the hairdos.

The worst of it all is that all these pictures will end up on facebook and the “view pictures of Blah” page will suddenly look like an Andy Warhol poster (because there’s always the little fussy one that needs two dozen pictures to feel sure that there is at least one where they won’t feel fat).

I don’t know; maybe constantly taking pictures is your idea of fun on a night out, or perhaps my affairs with film photography have made me more frugal with the shutter. Either way, I’d like to force myself to remember my nights and would like to ask you to not blind me with your multiple flashes, thank you.

When air conditioners are Gods

Laziness and boredom can lead to do many things; unfortunately, blogging isn’t one of them. I guess I could have written about my personal life and emotions blah blah blah—don’t you think we have enough angst-ridden, net-accessing teenagers (+ overage Twilight fans) around?

That being said, I’m in southeast Asia for the month. Coming from the UK (where the landscape seems to refuse to comprehend the concept of August), I knew I was going to have a bit of a temperature shock; I even came ready for it: I brought a pair of shorts in my hand luggage to swiftly change into once I got to the airport. Here’s something no one should forget either: jumpers are worn INdoors.

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