Back in April I did this thing called “travelling”. Living in a different country from the rest of my family usually means that flights are for going back home for the holidays, so the act of travelling has actually become a bit banal. Whenever I fly, I fly to the same places. This time, however, I managed to make a two-week detour to the Italian Alps. Specifically, I went to a region called South Tyrol (Südtirol in German; Alto Adige in Italian).

Historically, South Tyrol has been Austrian territory (hence the German name) and part of the Tyrol region, which is Austrian. Ever since the end of WWI, however, the region was made part of Italy in the mass reorganisation of Europe. South Tyrol is an autonomous region and works hard to maintain its Germanic heritage, while not completely shutting out Italian influences. There’s… tension. But it’s still a good place to be a tourist: it’s clean, it’s safe, and Merano/Meran has a spa that looks really nice (and was favoured by Elisabeth of Austria).

I also had a weekend trip to Salzburg, Austria. My travelmates were dead set on forming their own Sound of Music tour. Should’ve let me know, so I could have watched the film beforehand. This is essentially a photo dump post, so there will be a bit of everything here. There are more shots in my tumblr.

IMG_1312 IMG_1319 IMG_1337 IMG_1371 IMG_1388 IMG_1475 IMG_1535 IMG_1594 IMG_1636 IMG_1749 IMG_1823


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