Back in April I did this thing called “travelling”. Living in a different country from the rest of my family usually means that flights are for going back home for the holidays, so the act of travelling has actually become a bit banal. Whenever I fly, I fly to the same places. This time, however, I managed to make a two-week detour to the Italian Alps. Specifically, I went to a region called South Tyrol (Südtirol in German; Alto Adige in Italian). Continue reading


I think the Universe is telling me something…

Hi! Welcome to the kitchen! Today’s theme, apparently, is symbolism!

Since the beginning of the year I’ve developed a slight obsession with filo/phyllo pastry. This, I believe, is the lovechild of my wanting to get acquainted with various types of pastry and my having Hellenic friends. That and look at how cool this is!

A few months ago I was back at my mother’s place and decided that her kitchen counter, despite the clutter, was ideal for me to attempt making filo. The reason? Marble. I had somehow internalised that marble was the ideal surface for the feat. The whole thing would fail for other reasons.

I decided to try to make galaktoboureko (here’s a video recipe), but with a twist: instead of semolina custard, I would use filling from pastéis de nata (aka Portuguese egg tarts). Symbolism part 1: luso-hellenic relationships (aka Dav inadvertently surrounds himself with Greeks and Cypriots). Continue reading