I feel I owe an apology for my unintended Summer hiatus. It took us all by surprise. I actually had plans to write and had material for 3 posts to get me started. There was light mental flow connecting all three in a specific order, promising a light-hearted matinée for the following months. Yet, as I started drafting the first of the posts, I got a block. All my attempts to write it seemed forced and desperate. Instead of elegant, yet manly sandals, I had Ugg boots weighed down with cement. Thinking this block might pass if I gave it some time, I decided to give it some time.

Two months later…

I’ve had a none-too-eventful-but-still-with-highlights Summer. Some of which is blogable. I’ve been trying to decided whether or not to run through it all in one post, but that might be too much. So, here’s what post number one should have been like.

The idea was to go on about how I sometimes like/am forced to improvise with dishes. I’m a rebel that way (note to self: rebrand as Pudding Pioneer?). Experimentation with food is fun and giving new twists to things can lead to great stuff. Most of the time I modify a recipe before even trying it.

What was my project? I decided to change the sacred Macanese recipe for Minchi! I was actually really looking forward to this post because I tried extra super hard to make pretty pictures. I wanted everyone to just go “Golly! Those sure are some nice pictures of food.”

Basically I added some mushrooms and aubergine to the mince in an attempt to convince myself that it can be a healthy dish (yeah right!). Then, I used butternut squash in lieu of potatoes. There were two reasons for this: firstly, I thought the sweetness might add a little something to the dish; secondly, I didn’t have potatoes in the house that evening.

Now that the explaining part’s over, here are the pictures! Feel free to “oooohhh” and “aaaahhh”.




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