I’ve just watched “Julie & Julia”

As a foodie-in-training, you’d think I will have rushed to a theatre to watch Meryl Streep (spell check isn’t liking that name, apparently). Alas, even though by 2009 the mustard seed had been planted in my head, I did not go. The film was, eventually, pushed to the back of my conscience and kept there by the whole university experience: lectures, parties, exams, learning how to take care of a house, and all those other life changing experiences.

Now, I am moving out. I have had to scrutinise my possessions (so much clothing…) and decide what to keep and what to bin. That last sentence isn’t the most relevant, and if you thought it was going to lead to some epiphany on materialism, you’re wrong. I decided to watch “Julie & Julia” because it would be procrastination.

Thank God I did.

It, predictably, struck a chord. Julie’s story more than Julia’s. It’s the whole idea of using cooking as an escape and suddenly decide to write the whole thing down in a very public forum. It sounds daft (and, by now, cliché); I can tell you this: the internet is a scary place. But I digress.

This all put me thinking about little cooking projects I’ve always had in mind. Spending a day with my aunt making jams and preserves; fulfilling my self-appointed destiny as the culinary heir (of both sides of the family); have a one day bake-a-thon… One idea that’s always whispered in my ear was getting a bunch of food bloggers together and collate recipes, then log my experiences cooking everyone else’s stuff. I think the funnest part would be trying to decode different styles of recipes. WebNoms, I’d call it. Eventually (once I got a job) I’d be able to upgrade it to some sort of flogger (food blogger; could this be a thing?) exchange programme. I’d travel to visit different floggers and take some in as well to share cooking experience. Communicate those little things that can only be done in person, like showing someone exactly how the marinade needs to smell like.

Luckily for me, there have been a few flogs that have liked and commented on this blog, which means this could be possible one day. To any of those who are reading this: I promise to read your stuff. All the packing and procrastination really fills up my day!

So here’s to moving away and dreaming of new pots and pans.

PS: The scene where Paul Child brought Julia a pestle and mortar actually made my eyes well up a little. I don’t know why; it just did.

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