Sinal de vida

I am alive!
I’m aware that there have been no posts in a month, but I just wanted to assure any reader out there that the intentions to keep this going are plenty. I’ve just been busy and without content to write about. This trend will continue for a few more weeks, but I plan on ending this streak with a bang (this will probably include me venturing into the uncharted territory of cake decoration).

In fact, there is a post in the works. It’s not in English and, as I have discovered, changing languages brings about a shift in styles and my own writing feels foreign to me. Turns out I can only bluff wit in English. While we’re on this topic, anything I write in another language will be translated/rewritten to English. This may, or may not, happen the other way around.

To keep you entertained, here are a few shot I pulled out of my arse (read “archives”).

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