What the…?

I’m in a bit of shock here. After my two latest posts came up, I’ve just had a spike in the number of views the blog has got. It hasn’t plateau’d at any point, it just plummeted back to what it was before. Nevertheless, I got 186 views in one day! One, single day!

I’m amazed! If you look at the top searches section in the stats, you’ll notice that the terms “puke” and “rainbows” come up a lot. Seriously, people? We live in a (wanna be) sick world…

In any case, it’s obvious that my two punk fashion shoot posts were the ones to thank for all the traffic. I got views, I got likes, I got followers! Actual photographers, with well lit, well composed, well thought out photos actually like the posts. I don’t think I’m ready for this kind of fame. 

 What is a bit disheartening is that my self-inflating “wit” (let’s put the quotation marks for humour’s and accuracy’s sake) gets no attention. It’s always the pictures. I get it, pretty pictures are easy to assimilate and you don’t have to go through the effort of looking up those pesky words in the dictionary (though I hope you haven’t felt the need)*. Never one to skip an opportunity to whore myself out, I am here to say that I have heard your silent, anonymous cries! More pretty pictures, less character(s).

But wait! There is a twist; a catch, if you will. I refuse to stop writing. I like my writing, damn it! So, I suggest a compromise: I make an effort to put more more pretty pictures of possible fashion stuff (because everyone’s got a passion for fashion!) and prettify the photos of my food posts. Then, in return, I get to write how I want and keep using my “wit”. Does that sound okay? Peachy?

To be honest, the attempt to make my food posts look a bit artsier was already under way. I tried to make sweet chilly sauce/chilly jam and failed miserably. I think I added too much sugar and/or cooked it for too long. I ended up with supersaturated chilly solution that crystalised  within a few hours. I’m sure it can be used in cooking, just not as a sauce in sandwiches and whatnot.

So here’s the attempt at prettification (coinage?). A sort of frame-sharing of chillies pre- and post-chopping.

And here is the finished product, crystalisation and all, turned upside down for emphasis on failure. I am not the one pictured (just in case the header wasn’t enough of a clue).

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