What the…?

I’m in a bit of shock here. After my two latest posts came up, I’ve just had a spike in the number of views the blog has got. It hasn’t plateau’d at any point, it just plummeted back to what it was before. Nevertheless, I got 186 views in one day! One, single day!

I’m amazed! If you look at the top searches section in the stats, you’ll notice that the terms “puke” and “rainbows” come up a lot. Seriously, people? We live in a (wanna be) sick world…

In any case, it’s obvious that my two punk fashion shoot posts were the ones to thank for all the traffic. I got views, I got likes, I got followers! Actual photographers, with well lit, well composed, well thought out photos actually like the posts. I don’t think I’m ready for this kind of fame.  Continue reading


An apologetic double-whammy!

Hello! I would like to open this post with an apology for the lack of posts. As a token of my remorse, I have decided to give you not one, but two culinary explorations of mine. One of them is actually something I did back in November, but completely forgot to write about. It’s odd, since I was extremely excited to write about it (you will see why later on).

First off is cold brew coffee. I had read about it about a year ago and had always been curious about it. Mainly because it would save me the trouble of buying a coffee maker. The post was on WordPress; I would post a link, but some glitch on WordPress made me lose all my liked posts. At some point over Winter, I decided to try it. Why have cold coffee in Winter? I don’t know; perhaps it would fool my brain and spirit into thinking Summer was actually close (silly brain and spirit, I live in England; there is no Summer!).  Continue reading