Holy Macaroni!

It’s been how long?! Dude…

Yes, it is true. This thing I call a blog has been neglected for months. All Summer and then some, really. A lot of stuff happened in that time. Warm weather actually graced this country, exams, Summer back home (with an internship!), the beginning of the end of University, turning one year older and 4 (FOUR) hairstyles. I’m in number five and heavily considering number 6. Most importantly, there has been new food! Not a massive amount of it, because I’m not comfortable enough in the kitchen back home to just up and bake (it’s my gran’s  territory and I respect that as best I can), but there has been some.

Bread, muffins, oven grilled pork, crab, ragù… it has been done! Alas, there’s no photographic evidence. Instead, I will leave you with a picture of the cleaned crab shell.

Apart from some personal growth (I can’t believe it happened, either), what seems to have really changed in me is my concern with how I look. I still don’t shave for weeks on end, nor is make up applied each day. Mate, I don’t even wear contacts! My main focus has been on clothes. I am finally taking advantage of all the shirts I own and actually wearing them. Who’d’ve thunk it?

One of the things I’ve really been looking for is an armlet (and more bracelets). I’ve always played around with my sister’s bangles/armlets. Simply put, they’re cool. I also find it funny how stuff that goes on her arm gets stuck on my forearm. It was over the Summer that I decided it was time I properly consider man jewellery (because just jewellery sounds emasculating; everyone knows that!).


I only got two necklaces. One of them looks quite boy-band-y, but I like it. Now the arm party* (PSSSSST! The asterisk means there’s a note at the end of the post!) is writing up its guestlist and I’m hoping that when I feel I can have a mini splurge (sh!t’s being planned this month, yo!), I will pray all the arm decorations I want are still available (and cheap). Until then, here is this post’s instalment of  “Sh!t I’d wear”. Images link back to product page.

Blue string bracelet by ASOS with golden anchor clasp

It’s blue, a colour which seems to occupy >50% of my wardrobe (and is all manly and stuff) and the little anchor clasp is “totes cute”. It’s give any outfit a hipster edge, but not so hipster it’ll actually go mainstream and stuff.

Gogo Phillip Warrior Bangle

They call it the warrior, but I’d just call it the bamboo. Its bamboo-ness would help me satisfy my Asian side and also lure the Pandas out of their hiding places. Should I care it’s in the women’s section? Probably, but it’s awesome enough for me to turn a blind eye.

ASOS Triple Brass Bangle Bracelet Pack

It’s simple and it’s brass, which is the metal equivalent of beige, which means it will go with everything. Especially with all the blue I have.

ASOS Anchor Metal Bangle

Sh!t, more brass! Actually it’s supposed to be gold(en), but it looks pretty worn out, so I say “same same”. This can be opened up to adjust size, so I coud actually use it as an armlet. It’s basically like the triple brass bangle above, only thinner and has anchor-induced hipster coolness (which we all have grown to love so dear). Everyone wins!

ASOS Leaf Arm Cuff

Leaf? Really? It looks like a feather to me. It would be known as the feather, were I to own it. How to pull this off? Simples, four words: white t-shirt and jeans. BANG(les)!

* NOTE TIME! Apparently, “arm party” is property and blah blah blah of  Leandra i-don’t-know-her-surname, The Man Repeller (notice the capital T—business is meant). She’s funny as hell and an awesome stylist. Check out le blog HERE! (Just in case you didn’t notice the first link to it)

2 thoughts on “Holy Macaroni!

    • Really Chinese-like, I did. Ginger, spring onions, rice wine…
      It’s my nan’s recipe and I’m not sure whether it’s in her “Family secret” list, so I dare not actually share it.

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