You think you know someone…

While back home for the holidays (more on that later), I took the liberty of browsing through some old pictures. This kind of activity is, at its very core, immensely entertaining. You find evidence of past misdeeds you got away with because you were “such a cute baby” (at least I was); you find pictures of you in pre-school with your then best friends (I don’t even remember their names… Pedro, Sara and Nuno come to mind); you get presented pictures of all the trips you don’t remember (oh! so very frustrating) and you discover things that leave your mouth agape. I used to liaise with celebrities from the 90’s!

I met R2D2. Jealous, much?

Maybe not that bad, but still…

I was simply looking through the piles when my mum comes in, glances at some pictures over my shoulder and says “I remember the days I used to take pictures.”

As it goes, she used to do a bit of photography as well! Not only that, she was a Canon enthusiast! Double score!

She was good.

Here she is with the camera:

And here is some of her stuff:

Amongst other things I learnt is the revelation that my sister and I have more in common than baking (and gossip… so much gossip!). Exhibit A:

Also, I think I got some poser genes from my dad. When I say “some”, I mean “all”. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t allow myself time enough to scan more stuff, but I have them earmarked for next time I go back.

One thought on “You think you know someone…

  1. I really like the third example of your mum’s photos. You’re not really that recognisable as a baby, but by the penultimate photo – BAM! Hi Dave!

    Coincidence, I did the same thing over Easter! Didn’t manage to scan any (that’s set aside for summer and a decent eBay’d neg scanner). My parents are moving out of Surrey, so I had to clear a lot of my stuff into ‘pack this’ and ‘chuck out’ piles. Say goodbye to a lot of old childhood stuff… hug and put aside for ‘never to be gotten rid of ever’ lots of others. Old photos came out too… and on a Saturday with nothing to do, you’ve just given me a project to plan. 😀

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