DCA: It finally worked! (and a thing my parents would frown upon)

I should apologise to my blog for not writing enough about food. I actually have been cooking stuff and photographing it, all the while thinking in my inner “blog voice”. I made gnocchi from potatoes for goodness sake! Alas, sloth had its tendrils wrapped firmly upon me.

Speaking of sloth and writing, exam season is here. Many people cope with the stress differently. I eat… and bake; then I eat what I bake. Afterwards comes the guilt of eating with very little exercise and the frustration of schoolwork being boring, which somehow ends with me eating and baking more.

I don’t quite understand it myself.

Nevertheless, stress gets me baking. In my group of friends, I’m Izzie Stevens with a mohawk (Grey’s Anatomy makes for good, non-culinary breaks).

As you would’ve known had I been actually writing here, I’ve attempted to make bread a few times in the past. In the past, these loaves haven’t come out right. They’ve been edible (one was over-salted) but not right. They were too dense; they would turn to rock after a week; they wouldn’t rise properly! I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Then, it hit me: temperature!

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You think you know someone…

While back home for the holidays (more on that later), I took the liberty of browsing through some old pictures. This kind of activity is, at its very core, immensely entertaining. You find evidence of past misdeeds you got away with because you were “such a cute baby” (at least I was); you find pictures of you in pre-school with your then best friends (I don’t even remember their names… Pedro, Sara and Nuno come to mind); you get presented pictures of all the trips you don’t remember (oh! so very frustrating) and you discover things that leave your mouth agape. I used to liaise with celebrities from the 90’s!

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