Can you hair me?

Just produced a small series for a competition, focusing on hair and head decorations.


The Queen


The Parrot


The Pomp


C’est chic

I’m not going to lie: I like fashion.

I don’t LOVE it; I find no all-consuming passion nor vocation within the industry and/or the microcosm it seems to have created. I check out a magazine once in a while, I watch a few shows and I avidly follow The Sartorialist (aka the most amazing fashion blog in existence!)

Now that the fashion week circuit has begun, I’m tempted to keep my eyes extra open for stuff. I’ve just seen shots from 3 shows and I quite like what seems to be in store for Autumn and Winter this year.

Muted tones with the occasional punch of colour is coming back. Totally up my street!

If nothing else, this could just be an incentive to work an make money just so I can afford this.

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Skin= canvas

First off: the title does not imply that I plan on getting a tattoo. I’m actually planning on shaving my head. I’ve let it grow for the better part of the year and (hopefully) it’s just about long enough. The actual shaving is still about a month away, which should allow the hair to grow and, most importantly, for the weather to warm up a bit.

I refuse to be bald during winter.

“How does a shaved head relate to tattoos?”, I hear you ask. Simple: I’ve asked an excentric-headed friend of mine (no, seriously, the colours that go on her scalp are amazing!) to not only help the shaving, but also draw on my head.

A few years ago, I (kind of, sort of, not really) developed a way to use china (or india, I’m really not sure what it’s called) ink on skin. If anyone’s ever tried it, they’ll know that ink spreads all over the skin, but there’s a simple solution to that of which I will not brag. In any case, it makes the ink easy to use and ridiculously easy to wash off.

I like tattoos; I like simple, block line graphics. Tattoos with shading, not so much.

I’m thinking I might as well get pseudo tattoos on my head while it’s all nice and smooth, which also allows for some awesome pictures!

I’m still coming up with shots and thinking of stuff I want on my head. Fashion is actually a really good place to look for inspiration.

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