Mindwander: Birthdays = Photo ops?

Recently I went to a birthday celebration. It was simple: a bunch of people getting together, having a few drinks in celebration of one more year of someone’s life.

A: “Happy Birthday!”
B: “Thank you! Letstakeapicturetogether.”
A: “Say wha…?”¬†*FLASH*

At one point I noticed that what was taking the most time was the creation of snapshots of the birthday-ee and the various guest. And then of various groups of guests. In different mixes.

I’m not saying I didn’t have fun; I did. I’m not saying I’m against picture taking; I partook in a few of said snapshots.

I’m simply wondering why so much time is spent taking pictures to demonstrate how much fun is being had instead of the fun-having itself. Dance, talk to a stranger, look around the room and judge/gossip about every other person in the bar with your friend, get p*ss drunk; don’t just pose it, please!

It's like my friends suddenly became cannibalistic papparazzi!

Most of them look the same. They’re us and friends smiling towards the camera with a dark background (clubs dig the dark thing). The only things that change are the clothes and occasionally the hairdos.

The worst of it all is that all these pictures will end up on facebook and the “view pictures of Blah” page will suddenly look like an Andy Warhol poster (because there’s always the little fussy one that needs two dozen pictures to feel sure that there is at least one where they won’t feel fat).

I don’t know; maybe constantly taking pictures is your idea of fun on a night out, or perhaps my affairs with film photography have made me more frugal with the shutter. Either way, I’d like to force myself to remember my nights and would like to ask you to not blind me with your multiple flashes, thank you.