When air conditioners are Gods

Laziness and boredom can lead to do many things; unfortunately, blogging isn’t one of them. I guess I could have written about my personal life and emotions blah blah blah—don’t you think we have enough angst-ridden, net-accessing teenagers (+ overage Twilight fans) around?

That being said, I’m in southeast Asia for the month. Coming from the UK (where the landscape seems to refuse to comprehend the concept of August), I knew I was going to have a bit of a temperature shock; I even came ready for it: I brought a pair of shorts in my hand luggage to swiftly change into once I got to the airport. Here’s something no one should forget either: jumpers are worn INdoors.

Why? Air conditioners.

Simply put, everything that can be considered a building has them. Walking from the street to the shop is like doing the reverse back in Europe in winter. It’s ridiculous! All in all, it’s screwed me over royally. I’ve been coughing and sneezing like there’s no tomorrow. Re-adaptation: uncheck…

At least it’s not manflu.

On another note: My family here has recently changed houses, which translates to all my stuff being stuffed into bags and hidden around the new place for me to find and sort through. Going through these things, I have made a vow.

I WILL watch these films within the month!

See, there is a large accumulation of DVDs in the house that I have bought but put off watching. Some of them I even brought from the UK in years gone by. I never really watched them because I thought it would be a bit sad to watch them alone. I’m weird with my choice of films and most friends tend to disagree with my choices.

I’m tired of it.

I won’t force anyone to watch them with me, but I will watch them. So much of my times has been put to being sociable that I’ve forgot how to be with myself. It’s high time I break out the microwave popcorn, baggy jumper (air con ON) and get myself a cat so I can sit down for hours of solitary enjoyment. No one gets to veto out Crank 2, Cidade de Deus, Y Tu Mamá También or À Ma Soeur ever again!

Me within the month

Edit: Someone put my air con’s thermostat down to 22ºC! Who does that?! Up up up!

One thought on “When air conditioners are Gods

  1. I hear ya. I’ve been stacking up movies as well, and watching some of them since I got back from Uni. I finally saw all the Star Wars movies (¬_¬) and have begun the entire Disney Renaissance catalogue (…I had a deprived childhood, okay… I’ve still never seen The Lion King). Only thing I’m missing is the cat. Damn.

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