Not feeling any wiser…

Why do people call them wisdom teeth, anyway? The only information I’m getting is a painful reminder of how it felt to have braces.

Not fun!

Just burst out already so I can live my life… with perfect teeth (now with added rumination power!).

Anyone not had theirs removed? Even if you did, can we have something of a souvenir from your hamster-faced days?


When air conditioners are Gods

Laziness and boredom can lead to do many things; unfortunately, blogging isn’t one of them. I guess I could have written about my personal life and emotions blah blah blah—don’t you think we have enough angst-ridden, net-accessing teenagers (+ overage Twilight fans) around?

That being said, I’m in southeast Asia for the month. Coming from the UK (where the landscape seems to refuse to comprehend the concept of August), I knew I was going to have a bit of a temperature shock; I even came ready for it: I brought a pair of shorts in my hand luggage to swiftly change into once I got to the airport. Here’s something no one should forget either: jumpers are worn INdoors.

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