Mindwander: Who else thinks nude photography is too serious?

No, really!

I was thinking about it the other day and noticed that there’s not much variation. So far as I have seen, at least one of two things is bound to happen with nudes*:

*this is based on explorations of online galleries, such as DeviantART, Olhares and Flickr.
  1. The background is dull: derelict settings and mute colours (if it’s not black and white) seem to be the rule.
  2. The subject is serious: no matter how interesting the pose, the face will be either hidden, or solemn.

Where’s the energy?! I just don’t get it!

It’s all just so… dull! I get the appeal in using nudity to symbolise the repeal of all our socially induced personality filters, but it’s becoming too much. Step it up a notch! I would love to get myself the chance to photograph people nude in front of bright, flashy background! I’d have them laughing, dancing, playing the ukulele, using sock puppets… having fun. Think about it: most of the times when you are naked, fun is being had; whether it be singing in the shower or sex. Nudity is full of fun and energy and laughter. Why not reflect that in nude pictures?

Remember Eminem’s dicknamite image? We need more of that (only, personally, I’d rather have more smiles than explosives).

Imagine a naked Nicholas Hoult in front of an electric blue wallpaper with a neon pink skull stencil pattern doing an Ellen DeGeneres dance. How cool would that be?

I wanna kick it up a notch! Who’s with me?

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