That’s it! I’m an Atheist!

I’m also someone who just realised that the title above sounds angry. I am not so.

For years (my whole life, give or take…) I have left myself in this religious limbo. See, my folks are non-believers, but I was educated in mostly Catholic schools. That being said, I’ve been surrounded by Christianity virtually my entire life.

However, religion and I have had our share of beef. What I felt and agreed with as true, simply didn’t coincide with many Christian beliefs (and yes, I am aware that there are many Christian churches, from Catholicism to Episcopalian). We just didn’t get along.

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Cavaco, Cavaco…

Verdade seja dita: atrasei-me nas notícias. A internet faz-me falta quando se fala daquilo que acontece fora do Reino Unido (e dentro!). Por causa de razões técnicas, não tive acesso à rede global da informação e, por extensão, só soube do seguinte hoje:

O casamento civil entre dois membros do mesmo sexo agora é legal em Portugal

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The Greek Crisis explained (well, kinda…)

I’ve just stumbled upon (no… not the site) two videos that explain the current crisis Greek is going through. It’s very simplistic, but there’s a lot of humour to it that makes up for that.

Now, I know it’s not a matter to be taken lightly, but the video is attractive enough to hopefully get people’s attention and look into the subject. As a European citizen, this is something that worries me, especially since my country is considered to be one of those at greater risk. Continue reading

Mindwander: On the nature of Bullshit

First of all, pardon my French (I never really got that expression…), but I am using an analogy that requires the above ‘unmentionable’ word to be used.

I’m sure any of you who are at ease with English (as a language) and are surrounded by people who are at equal ease with English will have heard the term ” bullshit”.

Bullshit can be loosely described as something worthless. Now, the question remains: is it truly, intrinsically worthless?

A bull - is its shit really worthless?

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Padrões de Lisboa

Antes demais, quero que se saiba que estou a escrever com o Macbook duma amiga. Acentos nesta coisa são DIFÍCEIS. Só um dos botões é que me dá as opções e depois não sei qual é a tecla para os tís (substantivo: til, plural?) e os acentos (graves, agudos e circunflexos)! É tortura!

Mas vá… queria partilhar convosco fotos que tirei às paredes do Bairro Alto, em Lisboa. Os padrões são lindos! Acho que descobri um amor para azulejos. Quando tiver casa própria, vou ter um quarto de azulejos!

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