Gimme 9!

O meu primeiro rolo Pop9 foi revelado. Eis umas fotos.

Got my first Pop9 film developed. I love it all! Here are the results. Continue reading


Davbi’s Culinary Adventures: Baklava

One of the things that got me most excited about getting back home (to Portugal) was the access to a proper family kitchen; full of all those little things which, in day-to-day cooking, you just don’t miss but end up being useful when trying to bake something new.
I have been holding off on this one recipe for ages so I could do it without stressing about not having a pestle and mortar (which, by the way, cannot be substituted by a simple spoon… ever). I have been itching to try out baklava.
Some of you might not know what baklava is. If you do, fell free to skip this paragraph. Baklava is, to the best of my understanding, a typical middle-eastern delight. It’s basically a bunch of crunched nuts sandwhiched between various layers of filo pastry and drizzled (read, drenched) in syrup. It tastes great with coffee.
For my first try I got everything the recipe instructed: around 400g of filo pastry, a truck load of butter, oh-so-many nuts (specifically almonds, cashews and sesame), etc…