Not much work done…

… but DANG was it worth the procrastination!

I have, by some whimsical twist of fate, just found out about Pomplamoose and have simply been jumping around my room to their stuff!

My keyboard misses being typed on 😦

Pomplamoose are a musical duo based in California that have their own recording studio in one of the band member’s home (I think; feel free to correct me on this) and produce both their own songs and covers. How awesome is that? If they make a CD with these recordings, they could actually say it’s “homemade musical goodness”!

I love them right now. They are talented, quirky and half of the duo speaks French! Seriously: I love their stuff! It has the mystique of indie music, while also containing the quirky happiness in pop. To top that, both band members seem like amazing people.

Oh! Check this out: they have their own soap! Not their own soap like “Days of our lives” (the fact that I now that exists is bad enough), but cleansing, bubbly soap!

They are ten thousand bagillion degrees of cool (ha! Oxymoron!) so you should check them out.

I couldn’t decide what videos to leave you with, but I did shortlist it to two: one cover and one original. YEY!

Here are links to their Myspace and Youtube sites.

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