Barcelona pt.3

Finally done!

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Short flight? TAP! + Gimme 9!

I love TAP. TAP is good­­–at least for short flights. Whenever I go back to Portugal I tend to go by TAP; and seriously, it’s getting better each time. The staff’s nice, the food is getting better and it is relatively cheap (once I even found a flight that was cheaper than its EasyJet comparison). However, the one thing that gets me the most in TAP is the in-flight entertainment. No; seriously!

In terms of films, they put up stuff that I doubt anyone else would, namely “Shaun the Sheep” and Charlie Chaplin flicks. It’s classic, quasi-universal entertainment! I am proud to admit that I chuckle at parts of the videos, so there.

When it comes to magazines, though, they get me with Up. Up is TAP’s magazine, which covers a wide range of subjects, all centred on Portugal. This goes from Portuguese expats (quite a few in LA, I have found out) to expats in Portugal; from the impact Portuguese have, both at a national and international scale, to how foreigners are enriching our country; not to mention any hidden gems they have found around the country. Be not misled: it also covers other places. I now want to go to Zagreb and Morocco!

Whenever I read Up I end up with a list of things to search up, which includes art spaces, science foundations and humanitarian projects (and this time, a soup recipe!). It makes me feel connected and expectant about the world.

TAP is great and I love it! It is also my father’s only hint to a miniscule sense of patriotism (that’s saying a lot!).

On another note, I finally got a Lomographic POP9 camera! My sister got me it a while ago, but we were never able to get together for a handover. It is now loaded and waiting to shoot.

Click below for pics showing the goods!

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Not much work done…

… but DANG was it worth the procrastination!

I have, by some whimsical twist of fate, just found out about Pomplamoose and have simply been jumping around my room to their stuff!

My keyboard misses being typed on 😦

Pomplamoose are a musical duo based in California that have their own recording studio in one of the band member’s home (I think; feel free to correct me on this) and produce both their own songs and covers. How awesome is that? If they make a CD with these recordings, they could actually say it’s “homemade musical goodness”! Continue reading