Sharpies make me feel cool (that is not a good thing)

Sharpie pens, for some reason, hold a special place in my mind, heart and soul that is linked with coolness, art, design and simple (yet effective) expression. I love sharpies! Their black lines are just so flawless! You can draw on pretty much ANYthing with them and have oh! so much fun in the process.

I got one today and my first little project was EGGS. Yes, eggs. I can imagine your disappointed-astonished faces right now and I don’t care!

Yes, I have named them "Dav's Happy Eggs of Awesomeness"

Click below to see the eggs, themselves.

I know it doesn't really look like it, but he's supposed to be chewing on a toothpick.

Lady in distress (?)

... I really just don't know...

My friend insisted

Looking at it now, the speech baloon looks like a scar. Haha!

This is named Eggstasy. The pun was too strong to resist.

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