Tongue in cheek!

I’m a big fan of Homotography. They have shots from photographers and ad campaigns that I would otherwise not notice. They’ve introduced me to the awesome work Hedi Slimane and Terry Richardson; and have made me think more about fashion editorials. Today, I was simply browsing through the blog’s backlog and found this gem. It’s a banned Levi’s skinny jeans commercial which, for me at least, is simply amazing!

Italian supermodel Fabio and his Texan friend Paoolah are chosen to be the new faces (and bodies) for Levi’s skinny jeans and share their views on masculinity. It’s an amazing tongue-in-cheek message to everyone’s perception of “male” and “fashion”. Gotta love it!
I especially like Paoolah’s final statement (circa 3:40).

Speaking of tongue-in-cheek: I’ve actually listened to Britney Spears’ “Piece of Me” and I have to say it’s pretty brave of her for owning up to everything and still tell the media to mind their own business.


Head rush!

I would never have believed it had I not experienced it myself: I’ve just gained a hint of respect for Chris Crocker.

Yes, the same leave-Britney-alone-screaming Chris Crocker; and here’s why.

Who would’ve thought that from the walking-hyperbole would come a calm, intelligent and humourously self-deprecating parody? I love the exaggerated hand gestures!

However, said respect was taken away again by the Bearded Lady video. I get it, it’s a bit of a shock for Chris Crocker to actually have a beard, but calling it a “spiritual journey” is a bit too much. Perspective changing, yes; spiritual, no. Granted, I’ve had a beard since 17, but still…

Kudos for keeping the beard in the Tutorial video.


Sometimes I actually wonder what’s up with this world’s obsession with alcohol. Do we really need to be numbed to everything but lust and  inebriation to be able to have a good time? It all just leads me to one question.

What on earth are we doing to ourselves?

Open thread, blah blah blah…

Oh! boo-f***ing-hoo!

Conservatives really get me going. Not in a good way; oh no no no no no: they put me in rant gear, which is my least rational mode! (apart from, possibly, Daydreamland)

I’ve recently found out from that a group of concerned mothers (aka or OMM) has posted a complaint against the new Armani|Exchange campaign (seen on the A|X site here), saying that it promotes homosexuality.

The video can be found here.

At first, I was going to say that they were being inconsistent by not condemning other, obviously explicit ads (read: Beckham underwear) and furiously attacking those that show homosexual couples. However, I went to their site and found out that they actually do oppose sexualised advertisement (they even remind us of their success story with CK in their A|X manifesto). In my defence, it did seem like Phil Cosby from the National Coalition for the Protection of Children accepted the fact that sex was used as a marketing strategy. Backlash avoided, I must say I agree (to some extent) with what OMM are saying.

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Davbi’s Culinary Adventures: Mugcake

Ever heard of a mugcake? Me neither, until a couple of days ago. My friend mentioned it in a conversation (he actually called it something else; I just can’t remember its name) and I just felt like I should try making one!

“But what are mugcakes?” I hear you ask.

Mugcakes are basically the epitome of student cooking! Low on ingredients, low on actual kitchenware, low chances of failure!

You get all the basic cake ingredients (flour, sugar, butter, etc…), mix them in minute quantities in a mug and microwave said mug to “bake” the cake! It’s great if you hate cleaning up, as you only need 2 teaspoons and a mug for the basic one, which is like a sponge cake. Since it’s that simple, you can easily change the recipe to include any desired ingredient (e.g. chocolate chips) and with the absence of an oven, you can always try using this to entertain your kids!

I tried to make my first one tonight (at 11 PM) with no prior research and didn’t ruin it (some parts were slightly burnt). However, I also have had some experience baking at home, so I wasn’t exactly sailing through uncharted waters.

I’d write down the recipe, but it still needs perfecting.

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