Ilford XP2 Super and Diamonds

I’ve just had my latest film roll developped. It was an Ilford XP2 Super and I have to say the results were surprising. Despite being marked as an ISO 400 film, it didn’t seem THAT sensitive to light. It looked brighter than an ISO 200 would probably look in the same conditions so maybe I’ll put it in as “just below 400”. This film lasted me through December so I’ve got shots from The Big Wave in London, a little Christmas banter in my student accommodation and my trip to Portugal over Christmas (nothing shown from there). Here are a few shots. They are scans from prints and it will take me a while before I get access to the film scanner at school. Will update to better shots ASAP.

One of my favourite shots, despite the word being slightly covered. Quite tongue in cheek christianity here.

Click below for the rest of the shots.

I loved taking pictures of people in the middle of the crowd. Unfortunately, I didn't do it much.

... and another.

My attempt at abstract photography.

Crisp, clean, straightforward portraits. I'm trying to develop in this area.

I don't know what I did here, but the white things in the middle are really intriguing.

On another note; I’ve recently become addicted to Marina and the Diamonds. She’s a Welsh Pop artist and has amazing style. She has convinced me that deeper-voiced women need to make a come back! She’s got stuff that ranges from sensitive, empathic songs to power pop. Gotta love her!

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