What are we honestly getting to?

Before you think that I’m a bleak person, a pessimist, a man whose glass is never really full enough; let me tell you: my glass is plenty full of crap from people who keep downplaying everything that people complain about. It’s not “just a longer Summer”; it’s full blown Global Warming! To be fair, I also have a glass full of exaggerations from people who think that a depletion of oil in the market means Nuclear Holocaust, but that will have to wait.

For those of you who feel children nowadays are just as violent and morally unaware as “back in the good ol’ days”:give yourselves a slap in the face, drop the ‘shrooms and look around. Sure, the whole make-ants-explode-with-a-magnifying-glass thing isn’t very promising, but there are children (and I mean 10-12 year-olds)  who think (and I heard them say it) that “GTA” and “Call of Duty” are not violent.

Hold up… did you just say “not violent”?

Oh yes! These games, which, by the way, were designed with violence in mind, were not perceived as violent by pre-teens. What are the ratings for these games? “Call of Duty”, in its latest installment, was upgraded from teen to mature because the graphics made it so realistic. “GTA” has always been mature, as far as I know.

For Pete’s sake! That game features people killing other people for the sheer Hell of it!

Fine, you new age parents might want to give your kids “independence” and “space for them to develop individually”, but alowing them to even look at these games before they even start developping into anything near an adult might be is taking it a little bit too far!

… What on earth are we doing?

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