A Blast from the Past and Midnight Shakes

As I mentioned in a past post, I was set to meet old schoolmates from Portugal on Saturday. Of course I expected some awkwardness and reminescence, but never did I think I’d not find some way of simply getting along with them (okay… maybe not all of them).

Now, I know I may will sound condescending, but I can’t help it.

As I greeted the people with whom I had shared seven years of my life, I saw them as being a safe part of my past. This is not to mean they haven’t changed – they have – I simply meant to say that they belong to a world I don’t feel I can connect with – belong to – anymore.

I can’t be in a land where preppy/surfer rules all (this coming from Surrey-boy) or weed is taken on café balconies on a regular basis. A land of s and ó chefes…

They all stayed and, for the most part, kept contact. As for me, I moved out… of the continent. I traveled and got myself a bit of a convoluted past. The sights, smells and habits I find commonplace (perhaps even prosaic) they find weird and exotic. I have had the choice to pick and choose what I like about my country and have made a foreign place home.

As for them, they can say they were “born and raised” somewhere, “know this town like the backs of their hands” or have God-knows-how-many generations in that town/house.

On a separate note: last night, between 1:40 and 1:45 AM (GMT, 17th December 2009) there was an earthquake of a [Richter] Magnitude of 6.0. The epicentre was 264 Km bearing Southwest of Lisbon. I was awake, reading when it happened. Once it hit I jsut looked around wondering whether or not I should do something…

News on the earthquake in Portuguese and a factsheet in English

… God knows what’s happening.


Just got 2 films (finally) developped.

Sainsbury’s. Don’t go for it unless you plan on using it on quite bright subjects. Its strenghts definitely lie in the “summer shot” set. Very ccontrasty. The grain in the shadows is ridiculously high, even for ISO 400!

Here are some sample shots:

If you want to see more, I have online galleries on Flickr and DeviantART.

This might become mostly a photo blog…

I’ve been feeling the shutterbug a lot (LOT) recently. Not only that but I have access to a darkroom (BW only) so what out for some stupid print/film development play.

On another note: tomorrow I’m meeting old schoolmates of mine, most of whom I haven’t talked to since 2004. It will be awkward. Hopefully everyone will have changed just enough for good conversation (otherwise Mr. Sangria will have to help) but not enough to have their “selves” that I can connect with fade into my boggy memory. At least 29 people are attending… freaky.