Mother “too stupid for her daughter

From the title, it might seem like I’m going to complain about the ways children are bought up, which lead to not only subversive, but also arrogant kids. How dare children think their parents are too stupid for them?

But no! This is not a shocked and repulsed response to contemporary youth! In fact, the statement above was made by government officials concerning a single mother.

Apparently, after the baby was born (prematurely), officials felt she lacked the mental capacity to care for her daughter and took the child away. Officials base their judgement on reports of a psychologist, who said that the mother had severe learning disabilities.

Now, another specialist (a psychiatrist, who, in my book, trumps psychologist) says that the mother has good numeracy and literary skills and an IQ within normal parameters.

Here comes the worst part: contact between mother and daughter will be steadily decreased until it is completely stopped. This will happen by the time the adoption process is finalised, in about 3 months’ time.

The mother has tried to appeal to court and was supplied with a state lawyer who didn’t defend her interests. This is because officials have once again use the psychologist’s report to claim that she could not instruct her attorney.

Now, the mother has decided to go the European Court of Human Rights.

Ok… let us assume that the mother really does have learning disabilities. Let us assume that she cannot, by herself, take care of her daughter. Could no family members help? Well, they volunteered, but were refused for the most ridiculous reasons (her parents because of their age and her brother because of truancy: let’s face it. Who hasn’t done something against the rules in school?)

Also, even if she had to give up her child to social services, what right do they have to cut off any connection between mother and daughter? Why? What grounds do they have to support this action. That child is going to find out she was adopted at some point in her life, even if she won’t remember it (she is currently 3 years-old) and when she finds out about what happened there’s going to be another uproar on the efficiency of the country’s social services! Regular adoptions allow the birth mother visitation rights?
One could argue that the court fears that visits could end in kidnappping, but to me, that would be their fault. I can only imagine how the mother must feel, being slowly torn away from her offspring…

The conspiracy theorist in me says that something is going unseen and untold. He also believes that this could be part of the Family Court’s plan to reestablish a good reputation among the public. If so, it has come back to bite them in the **** and I am happy about that.